Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Growing Out

Growing up I always bounced between these thoughts; that I was going to be alone forever, or a single independent women traveling the world. Typical me, I tend to overcompensate for every emotional thought. However both thoughts were thrashed when I met the perfect man for me. I've been told since I was engaged how young I am to be making such a decision or that I'm all grown up.

I say to this. Is getting Married what has made us "grown up?"

Similar things were asked when I graduated college and entered the so called "real world." I feel like the past two years of my life have been berated with expectations from society. We as young people are constantly being asked what are you going to do, or where are you going to go? My peers are constantly cowering in the fear of being in the "real world."

To all of these people I say... Where were you if not the real world before?

We live in a society that is always in a hurry to grow up. I am lucky enough to have found myself in a small town that is a catch all for young people that are not willing to settle, rather they dream of bigger. I'm happy to say that none of these people including Jake and myself are not in the "real world." Instead we continue to experience this world and are unwilling to settle in a place/ job/ situation that makes us unhappy.

I'm lucky I married a man with such good perspective on such things. I am happy to be young and in love. What a privilege to continue to grow our love outward, together. Jake and I have chosen rather than to be "tied down" and "stuck" (both words are think are tragic when talking about marriage) we are going to be more open together than we ever were on our own. In December of 2014 we are quitting our Jobs and traveling the world for 6 months.

Tickets are bought, money is being saved, and home stays and WWOOFING (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) is arranged.

Spain, Greece, Nepal, Thailand, New Zealand here we come