Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Secret to life is.... lessons from a little Jenna

            This morning I’m reminded of my “secret of life”. The “secrets,” for lack of a better word, were given to my brother and me as kids from our oh so loving parents. Ryan, whose secret of life was knowing when to stop, would yell, “The secret of life mom is to STOP saying the secret of life!” he would then continue to pull my hair. When mom would mention mine I could feel my blood boil and have to fight the urge to jump up and kick things. I’ve never been good at being told I’m doing something wrong.
            Looking back I am willing to say my parents were spot on with me. Little Jenna would go from coloring book, to trampoline, to rollerblades all within two minutes and while forgetting to do chores. Adult sized Jenna goes from bed to TV to work to cleaning to making dinner to friends to bed. Have you figured it out? “Jenna,” my mom would sigh, “The secret to life is slowing down.”
            I’ve always felt the need to be unconventional. When people do things one way I want to do it the other way. I despise routine and laugh under my breath at those who have one. I’ve always thought to myself why would you get up SO early to have that extra time in the morning to read or go for a walk? Ok, so it’s your alone time, I have that…. Right? I’ve recently realized my alone time has been cursed with screens. That this so called “solitude” is so foreign to me I have lost the meaning all together. I’ve been cursed with a mind constantly wandering toward what is next. Queue Simon and Garfunkel… “Slow down, you move too fast…”
            Tomorrow is my birthday. This marks not only the beginning of my 24th year but a year since Jake and I were engaged. Let me tell you a little about Jake, his secret to life is defiantly not slowing down. He has that one in that bag. Jake is the king of simplicity and moment treasuring; he never takes things to seriously. So naturally this morning when we both woke with the sun I asked, “what am I going to do before work at 11?” As per usual I pictured myself in my pajamas watching a movie. But he said,
            “Well if it was me, I would bundle up in warm clothes, walk, and watch the light hit the mountains.” So that is what I did, and this is what I saw.
            Ducks were plunging into the water with their butts dancing in the air. Fish were kissing the surface, sending pulses out the water. Squirrels were cackling in the trees, playing tag with one another. Then there was me, just getting the privilege to be a part of their morning routine.
            How playful creation is when we slow down.  How captivating the mountains are when the light bounces off them causing you to swoon. It is through creation we can get to know who Jesus is, and unlock his personality. John Eldridge in Beautiful Outlaw says “we can learn a lot about an artist by the work they leave behind.”  We must have a pretty cool God.”

            “…Feeling Groovy.”