Monday, January 12, 2015

Hasta Luego Madrid

In Madrid time is different. The sun rises at 9am and you get up around 10...ish. Most time here is attached to an ish... We make coffee and have an easy slow start. If we are lucky we are out of the house by noon. This is much different than the mountain life we are used to but was an easy adjustment. After a morning exploring the neighborhoods we have a big lunch, lunch is the big meal here. Even lunch breaks are longer. After lunch is Siesta time. Don't be like me and use this time to wander the streets looking for a cappuccino because a lot of the businesses close down at this time. Its a good practice in my opinion.

Dinner hour isn't until 9 or 10. Let me tell you, dinner is cool, but tapas are cooler. The way it works is if you buy a drink, you get a tapa for free. Generally its something small like potato chips, olives, or nuts. If your a little hungry, you pay a little. If you are more hungry, you pay a little more. You spend the evening feasting on pinchos (little toasts topped with various goodies) and raciones (a larger appetizer for all to share like chorizo or cheese). In Spain it is easy to experience local culture without breaking the bank. 

The food is delicious.  They have perfecting the simple things, cheese, olive oil, bread and jamón... JAMÓN! my goodness. It's everywhere. Every self respected restaurant has pig legs hanging from the  ceiling. It's cut thin and delicious with queso manchego. This is not your American honey baked ham, it's like prosciutto on crack, the epitome of pork products. They say a Spanish boy is not a man until he can properly carve a ham. 

We will miss you Jamón... oh and Spain to.... and Ryan and Tracy....

Now we are off to the farm in Greece.

Hasta Luego Madrid, Kalimera Corinth

Toledo, Spain.

Toledo, Spain

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra, Portugal

Moorish Castle Sintra, Portugal

ME giving Jake a shave at the second oldest barbershop in the world.

The motley crew in Porto, Portugal.  

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