Monday, December 1, 2014

A case for simplicity: or at least an attempt

Perusing the travel blogs you find yourself reading the same thing over and over again, simplicity is key. Everyone says you should pack half of what you think you should and throw everything else away. I'm sure that when the trip is over i'll be a a new women living off of  cliff bars and love but who am I kidding... I have a long way to go.
Picking just the essentials for travel is hard for me. I find myself struggling with an internal battle of whether any of this is a good idea.
Lets be honest, at first glance I am the last person who should live out of a back pack in foreign countries. I have a fear of sickness, am paranoid about food quality, and like my bed... a lot. I find myself laying in bed thinking about why on earth i would want to not sleep in my bed for a year. I didn't like sleepovers when I was little, and I've always been happy to over pack for weekend gateways. 
But something happens when you marry a man who came here from Hawaii with just two small back packs of stuff. You move into a tiny apartment and realize you five or six times the amount of stuff he does. So you decide to do an epic trip and pack up everything, selling all your furniture in the process, (don't worry, he let me keep the bed!). You start to pack up only the essentials and still find yourself at Target buying a new cardigan, and journals.... and new headbands. BUT here's where we make a pledge, that I will live with only what I need, i guess there is no other choice. 
Cheers to new beginnings. 

also I cut off my long mane of hair..... simplicity right?

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