Sunday, December 7, 2014

Not for the faint of heart

You hear travel stories that have airport woes all the time. You hope it doesnt happen to you and then.... you wake up the day of your trip to a voice mail from the airline. This is what it said,
"Hello, this is American Airlines, your flight has been canceled, sorry for the inconvienience."
Without even an expaination we were then calling airlines all morning and only talking to robots, helpful. We were eventually booked with a new flight going through London, which we were ecstatic due to British Airways treated us like royalty. It wasn't untill our 1 1/2 hour flight transfer in London that we found ourself in our second, almost catastrophe, moment of the day.
Now, one would think when the airline rebooks your flight for you there would have enough time to switched planes. Alas, although we were flying out of the same terminal we were required to exit and enter through security again. Oh no.
At DIA we could have made it, however we were not in the US anymore. We all know that at home things move quickly. We wouldn't normally have been annoyed by a slower pace, exept in airline security. It took an average of 3 minutes per person, 3....minutes.... by the time we were waiting in the third line after being ushered forward twice there was 20 minutes till the gate closed. We watched time tick down and were grabbing out bags and shoes from the belt at 3 minutes too late and sprinting through the airport and..... the flight was delayed by an hour.
Thank God

After that saga we have found ourselves in madrid happily with Ryan and Tracy exporing the area and learning to order food in spanish. Now we get to see how two small town moutain folk do in the big city. stay tuned.....

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